Marriage Ministry

Marriage Ministry

Grace Marriage is a marriage coaching program designed with a proactive plan and path to help marriages grow and experience more grace, gratitude and connection. Through four (4 hour) annual sessions (1 per quarter), couples will find the space to be strategic and intentional to grow, connect, have fun, be motivated, hope and experience a rewarding marriage.

The form to sign up for the 23-24 year is now open!

  • You are registering for a year, which comes with 4 sessions, one session a quarter.
  • The dates are (you choose one date for each time):
    • Session 1 – 10/14/23 or 10/22/23
    • Session 2 – 1/13/24 or 1/21/24
    • Session 3 – 4/13/24 or 4/21/24
    • Session 4 – 7/13/24 or 7/21/24
  • Childcare is available for the Saturday sessions ONLY.
  • The cost for the year is $200.
  • We will send out new sign up forms before each session where you can choose your date for the next session

If you have any questions email [email protected]

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